How to Use Twitch Leecher for Single Video Downloads

While working on my Highlights of Qudans Winning Tekken World Tour 2017 video, I searched for a way to download videos from Twitch and found a program called Twitch Leecher, and the recommendation from its use on Lifewire, here: How to Download Twitch VOD Videos. It was extremely useful, so I’d like to share the main that part helped me along with some pictures in case that helps someone else. The version I am using for at the time of this post is 1.4.2. After the program is downloaded, open it up and click the Search button on the top menu. Go to the Urls tab.

Copy/paste the URL of the desired video(s) and then click Search from the buttons on the bottom.

A loading screen will appear and then a thumbnail of the video to be downloaded with a button to do that.

Click the download button, and then you can enter your file information, such as quality, destination, file name, etc.

Click download, and it will be added. You can switch on over to see the Download, using the Downloads button in the top button set. You will see download information and a progress bar, along with a button at the bottom to open the download folder.

That is the gist of what I needed. I could have done more than one at a time, but I was getting a feel for how to use the program first. It’s good to know for possible future projects.