The Search for a Specific Type of Twinkling Christmas Tree Lights


Hi everyone, Cathy here. Today, we’re going to talk about Christmas tree lights, specifically my search for lights that were like the ones I had when I was a kid. I don’t remember what the setting was called, but I’ve been going with “twinkle.” We used to have lights, they were multi-functional lights. They could stay on, they could alternate between the colors, they could blink, and they had this effect that I’m going to call “twinkle,” but I’m going to describe it to you because it’s different than what the companies that make Christmas tree lights call “twinkle” now.

The lights would do a thing where they would fade and as one color would fade, one or two of the other colors would brighten, so it had kind of this wavy twinkling effect that I really, really liked when I was a kid.

So, we searched for lights when we moved to this house ages ago. Well, not ages ago, but, when we moved to this house, we decided to get a tree and some lights and let’s see here. This is either multi-functional or the ones that just stay on. These look like the ones that just stay on. Alright, I think we got these because the multi-functional we’ve got weren’t quite enough to cover the tree. Let me go get the multi-functional ones.

Alright, so these are the ones, we got these from Big Lots a few years ago. We moved here in 2012. That’s probably when we got them. As you can see right now, it’s just blue and red. And now they blink, alternate, fast blink, off, off. You see they don’t really work that well. Here they are, they brighten. But as you can see, no greens work. And it doesn’t do the twinkling one, like I said. In fact, I don’t remember what setting was closest to it, it might be this one, but between two colors, it’s not much to go by. These lights don’t work anymore. They’re not good enough.

So, this year, we decided to look for lights that did twinkle because most of the lights that we found at the store, they just stay on, they’re called constant. Apparently what we have are called multi-functional, and you will not find these at like just HEB, the local grocery store. We did find, not multi-functional, we found twinkling lights at Target. Let me show you. These are called twinkling Now, to me, this is some colors randomly blink. So, I wouldn’t necessarily call it twinkling, but that’s, here it is, this is the box. I think the other ones we had were red, blue, and green. And this one has red, blue, and green, and yellow, and orange, and purple. So, that was kinda cool. I liked that it had purple lights. I don’t really see that very often.

So, I was a little disappointed, but Andrew liked it, Ronnie liked it, and I was like, “Well, I can learn to live with it.” But Andrew was, maybe thought we could use some more lights and he was, he thought we could find something better. So we got these. These are multi-functional lights, and if you like here, the functions are Steady On – Warm White, Twinkling – Warm White, Fading In/Out – Warm White, and then repeat for the multiple colors and then Color Changing – Warm White or Multi or Fading In/Out – Warm White [to multiple colors].

So, this is, I’m actually not going to show you yet because I want to show you when it’s ready. We’re going to go in order here. Alright. Steady On for the multi-functional. Twinkling for Warm White is blinking. That’s, that’s their version of twinkling, not some lights randomly blink, all lights blink at the same time. Fading In/Out. Oops. Okay, so that’s kind of nice though we keep going. Steady on for multi-colors. Alright, nice. And twinkling for multiple colors. Again, it just blinks. Fading In/Out for the multiple colors. Alright and then, we start mixing them up between the warm [should be colors] and the white. And then this is the one we eventually settled on. I do like it. It’s Fading In/Out between warm white and multiple colors.

So, the colors don’t really wave in the twinkle like I was, like I kind of wanted to, to be like when I was a kid. But, overall, it does look, I’m satisfied. It’s finally something, at least a little bit like what I had hoped to find, maybe even a little better. I don’t know. It’s going to take some getting used to, but Andrew likes it, and I think Ronnie likes it, and I like it.

Ronnie: I like it.

Yeah, you hear that, she says she likes it. So, so we’re all pretty happy with it, and those are the lights that we have now for our Christmas tree. So if you want multi-functional lights, you’re probably, we got these at Walmart or you have to go, you have to go somewhere that’s not HEB, at least not the ones around here, they don’t have multi-functional lights. But this is what we got.

I’m going to post this on my blog, and I’ll try and transcribe it, and when I do, I’ll try to provide links for these, in case anyone else is interested in what we have.

So, thank you for watching and/or listening and/or reading. Bye-bye.

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I actually couldn’t find the multi-functional ones on even though we bought them at one of the brick and mortar stores.

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