Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4): Sniper Wild Guide

Hi everyone, Cathy here. I am going to share with you my strategy for taking out the Sniper Wild Heartless in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. I used a lot of guides because I had trouble with this Heartless and I’m going to tell you right now, this video is slightly different than my usual strategy, but it is the one that I took the trouble to save, so here we are.

So, first thing, we take out the first Heartless. We just sneak up on her and take her out. Ideally, what we would have done is waited for her to get in a position closer to where the next two spawn. The way it works is one Sniper Wild, take her out, two more spawn, take those two out, another three spawn, and then it repeats. So, you want to take out six Sniper Wilds to get one Power Stone, if you’re lucky. So, ideally, after the first one’s out, I would put myself between the next two and cast Stop. If you’re watching this video, you can see that did not happen. But that would have been ideal because it would have been faster, but this still wasn’t so bad.

I actually got kinda lucky here because as you can see, I try and go up to that one, and I don’t see her. And, oh, I guess that’s when she jumped down. She jumps down and thankfully she just missed me. The Sniper Wilds, if they see you, and they call for backup, they will start sniping at you and calling and more Sniper Wilds will spawn. And that will happen endlessly. You can’t take them out, I mean, you can try and take them out, but there’s no point because they won’t stop spawning. So you have to make sure that if they see you, they don’t call for backup. ‘Cause in this video, I think almost all of them actually do see me, but I take them out before they finish like “Aah!” sounding the alarm. I take a moment to breathe. *deep breath*

Alright, so this post with the light by the stairs, is my preferred spot. The camera can be a bit of a pain, but it makes for a kind of nice hiding spot and a little easier to figure out and strategize where to go next, to find the next one. Is she staying over there like this one is? She was not moving so fine, I’ll go up to her. I prefer not to do that because you see, I’m completely across from where I want to be. It’s easier if they happen to come by the stairs, but that can also take a very long time. So, you just kinda have to go with what feels best at the time. And here I can see that one of them went to my preferred spot by the stairs, so I waited a bit before heading over there, trying to be careful and hoping they don’t see me.

There’s going to be a bit of waiting involved here, so I will also tell you some of the strategies that I read or watched on YouTube. One of them involved, I think it was stopping the first one and then using Dumbo. A lot of the strategies involve using Stop because you want to get to them before they sound the alarm. So, use Dumbo, another one, Stop, use Mushu. Actually, I don’t think that one involved Stop. I think it was just Mushu and make sure you take them out fast enough.

Alright, so here’s the first of the last three. As you can see, she spotted me, but I got her. Yeah, I think all three of them spot me, but like I said, take them out before they call for backup, and we’re good. The main strategy that I remember reading involved like a lot of Stop. I don’t remember if you had to stop the first one or not, but ideally, you would stop the first one, stop the next two, stop the last three. For the last three, it’s probably better if you have Stopga. I don’t know if it’s necessary. And I didn’t bother to find out or re-look it up because Stopga involves the Phantom. I was going to take out the Phantom last. I wasn’t going to involve myself with that.

Alright, so we’re on our last one here, and in this video, this is the only time I cast Stop. But in most of my efforts, I would have cast Stop when the set of two spawn. So, here, I leave right away because this whole thing makes me really nervous. But if you don’t get as nervous as I do, by all means, go for it again. And that’s it. The End.

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