Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Hyenas Strategy Guide


Hi everyone. In this video, we’re going to cover the battle with the hyenas at the Pride Lands. We’re going to watch a cut scene before-hand and then the one after is pretty short, but we’ll do that, both ends leading into the hyenas and what happens directly afterwards.

[Cut scene start]

Simba: Oh!

Timon: Wait a minute. We’re going to fight your uncle for THIS?

Simba: Yes, Timon. This is my home.

*Scene shifts to sleeping lionesses at Pride Rock*

*Scar looks up to see Simba*

Scar: Simba! You’re…alive!

Simba: This kingdom doesn’t belong to you.

Naala: Simba’s the rightful king.

Simba: The choice is yours, Scar. Either step down or fight.

Scar: Must this all end in violence? I’d hate to be responsible for the death of a family member, Simba…

Simba: I’ve put the past behind me.

Scar: But what about your faithful subjects? Have they?

Naala: Simba, what’s he talking about?

Scar: Go on. Tell them who’s responsible for Mufasa’s death!

Simba: I am.

Scar: He admits it! Murderer! If it weren’t for you, Mufasa would still be alive. Do you deny it?

Simba: No! But it was an accident!

Scar: You’re in trouble again. But this time, Daddy isn’t here to save you. And now everyone knows why! Now this looks familiar. I think I’ve seen this before. Oh yes! I remember. This is just the way your father looked….before he died. And here’s my little secret…I killed Mufasa.

Simba: Murderer! Tell them the truth!

Scar: All right. All right! I did it.

Simba: Louder!
Scar: I…killed…Mufasa!

*Hyenas run into scene and push SImba off Scar*

Sora: Simba! You get Scar: We’ll handle these guys!

Timon: ‘Scuse me! Pardon me! Comin’ through!

*Hyenas, Timon, Pumba, Sora, Donald, and Goofy run into cave*

[Cut scene end]

A lot of that scene was based on the movie, in case you haven’t seen it. So, I’m going to make a quick cut because I take the time to go and save but before I do that, I’m going to let you know I think I’m at level 28 and the recommended level here is 26, so I am slightly over-leveled for this battle, in case it looks easier than whatever you may be dealing with if that’s why you’re here, watching the video.

Fight the hyenas while protecting Pumbaa and Timon!

Alright, so we have three hyenas that we are dealing with, and Timon and Pumbaa are moving around quite a bit, but sometimes you get a reaction command to call them over, in case you want them nearby while you’re trying to protect them. During most of this battle, I focused on being aggressive and attacking the hyenas. You want to take them out as soon as possible. And if I saw the opportunity to call Timon and Pumbaa over, I would, not to really attack the hyenas so much as just to have them nearby since the goal is to protect them. And we do pretty well here. So, it’s just whatever is hyena nearby, preferably the one with the lower health bar. Okay, I see we have one out, and even though it looks like we’re just fighting one, the other one must be attacking Timon and Pumbaa or something’ cause there, there, now we have both of them. So, but this one is almost out.

Alright, good. Now we have two down, last hyena to go. And we’re pretty close. And, there we have it, very straight-forward.

[Cut scene start]

*Hyenas run away*

Sora: Where’s Simba?

Naala: He went up there.

[Cut scene end]

I am going to make mention of the fact that the narrative in both the movie, The Lion King, and the Kingdom Hearts play-through for Pride Lands, that Naala is established as a strong lioness, and yet she is sidelined to basically just watch all of the guy characters do things, and she does not get to do much, except be there, and I really wish that she were given a more active role all-around.

So, that said, that’s pretty much the battle with the hyenas, and we will cover the battle with Scar in a separate video. Thanks for your time.

Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Oogie Boogie Strategy Guide

Hi everyone, welcome to my guide on the Oogie Boogie battle in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix. We’re going to watch the scene before, and I’m going to show the battle, and then we’ll see the short cut scene afterwards. Let’s get started.

[Cut scene start]

Oogie Boogie: *laughing, approaches and surprises Sally*

Sally: Oh!

Oogie Boogie: *seems to shove her out of the way* Jack Skellington!

Jack: Oogie!

Oogie: *laughs* You and I have a score to settle, Jack! Same goes for your little sidekicks.

Jack: What are you planning to do with Sandy Claws?

Oogie: Who? Sandy Claws? I don’t know what you’re talking about! And why is this roly-poly red guy here? Time to go, grandpa! *forces Santa Claus to stand while still tied up and starts laughing*

Sally: *throws her detached leg to distract Oogie*

Oogie: Eh?

Santa Claus: *escapes and goes to Sally’s direction while still tied up*

Sally: Mr. Santa Claus!

Oogie: *growls*

*Sora, Jack, Donald and Goofy stand in front of him*

Oogie: Why, you… *walks way and into glass box, laughs*

Donald: Stop! *walks into panel on center walkway, ends up on the left walkway* Huh? *goes back and arrives on center walkway* Not again?

[Cut scene ends]

Okay, so that little part there explains the conveyor belt system to us, we won’t need it just yet. We need to hit these presents over up to Oogie Boogie and try not get hit by the hand. I actually get hit by it quite a bit even though I’m trying not to. Anyway, keep hitting the presents over to Oogie, and if you’re not angled right, you could miss so be careful about that. Just continue onward, try not to get so far back that the spikes hit you. I didn’t have that problem that often. So, more presents to hit up towards him in the glass. Keep going. We’ll get there. Almost there, for at least dropping him down the first time-there we go.

So, have at it. Keep going, but you’re not going to do it in one go. At least I didn’t. And went ahead and took the opportunity to heal. And I think I am going to have to start switching soon. Now the belts are flashing with the blues and the pinks. He’s still in the center, so I’m going to stay on the center belt for now and trying to get to those presents. And I’m trying my best to ignore the enemies and hope that Donald and Goofy can handle them, so that I can focus on hitting those presents up towards him.

Now I see that he has moved to the left so now it’s time to try and get an opportunity to move. There we go. Alright, and back to hitting the presents up towards the glass control box. We are almost there. And it’s about here that it occurs to me that my drive is maxed out, so I could be in Valor Form. And so that’s what I’m getting ready to do very shortly. There we go. And then after I’m in Valor Form, I’m like, “Well, maybe I should not be in Valor Form because what if I need to heal and use magic?” But whatever, I was just going to hit him as much as I could first, and then I reverted since Valor Form isn’t going to do me a whole lotta good until he comes down again. And the drive would be used up by then.

So, off I go, move to the center and running around. Now there are lasers. I just run around the lasers. Oh, got hit. And more hitting presents back to Oogie, trying not to get hit by the spikes, trying to jump over the hand. I actually jumped over it that time and did not get hit by it. In fact, that might have been the first and only time that happened. So, more lasers, still trying to avoid them, actually hit presents up near them at that point. Oh, time to move left again, so off I go, got hit by the hand. Move Left.

Alright, still avoiding the lasers, still hitting presents up, getting hit by lasers. Present. There’s the hand again. Got hit by it again. And, hit those presents up. And oh, he moved again. I healed my team real quick before I head on over and now I have to try and move right while avoiding the hand and the enemies. And here we go. Alright, right conveyor belt, avoid the lasers, hit the presents, avoid lasers, hit presents, hit presents. Try not to be squashed by the hand. Oh okay, so that’s twice that I managed to not get hit by the hand.

Alright. Come on team! We’ve almost got him, I’m really, at this point, I’m really, really hoping that this is it because I don’t want to have to do this another time. And we did it! Alright, way to go team! Yay! So let’s see the scene afterwards.

[Cut scene starts]

*Oogie Boogie has bugs coming out one of his seams, he stops it, they start coming out on the other side*

*Donald squashes bug with his foot*

*Sora breathes sigh of relief*

[Cut scene ends]

Oh, yuck. Alright, well, that’s a wrap, so thank you for your time.

Video Games on My Radar That Appeared at E3 2018

In 2005, E3, for me, was an exciting time, in part because of a Tekken trailer, not labeled Tekken 6, just a cool animation of Jin Kazama. Through the four and a half years that followed, a lot happened in waiting for that game and in my own life separate from that game. In particular, my father was diagnosed with leukemia around the same time Tekken 6 arcade released in November 2007, and he passed away around the same time as Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion was announced in August 2008. I mention that because in 2008, that’s where my mind was, and it helps give context to how and why I approach any E3 or similar event since 2009 when Tekken 6 was finally released and far from the game I hoped it would be. Put simply, my feelings about Tekken 6 are very intense, and I would prefer to not have that kind of intense negative feeling about a video game ever again. From that experience onward, I do my best to not hype for anything or keep my anticipation and expectations tempered, my excitement to a minimum.

So, the other day, when I explained to my husband my lack of hopes for E3, the next thing I knew I was listing off a lot of things that are on my radar and of interest, I just tell myself not to bring expectation with them.

With that in mind, here is what did catch my interest at this year’s E3.

Kingdom Hearts III

Apparently, I missed the already announced, before E3, release date of January 29, 2019. That’s one day before my birthday and gives me a timeline of completing the older games I’m still playing on the PS4 version of Kingdom Hearts HD I.5 + II.5 ReMix. I am on break from KHII and hoping to get back to it soon, once I’ve decided a more concrete plan or at least made it a little further in recording and posting my Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix videos. I was happy to see Larxene and Axel. They did not appear together but made appearances.

There were 3 trailers that I know of, here they are:

Here is a screenshot of Axel:

While I was searching for a screenshot of Axel, this shot of Riku caught my eye. It’s a good shot in my opinion.

Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition

I played Tales of Vesperia in 2016 and quite enjoyed it. It was my first Tales game, second being Berseria. I liked it enough that I’d be happy to play it again on a PS4 though now that I think about as a type this, that is signifcantly lessened by Bandai Namco’s common tactic of disallowing PS4 share clips and screenshots for much of Tales of Berseria and Tales of Zestiria. I do not expect that to much change. It comes out this winter, whether that is winter being the end of 2018 or beginning of 2019 remains to be seen. Here is the trailer:

Soulcalibur VI

A new trailer for Soulcalibur VI came out with a release date to boot! It comes out Friday, October 19, 2018. My husband described a tempting collector’s edition with a Sophitia statue and art book but also convinced me to wait because it is a bit over-priced all things considered. UPDATE: A previous version of this post said it included a season pass. It does not, so it is definitely not worth it then. So, I may actually wait a bit to buy and play this one. The trailer starts off with who I assume is Siegfried and almost-ends with Nightmare, implying a transformation. Unlike the Tales games, Tekken 7 allowed PS4 share option in a lot more of the game so I have the same expectation for another fighting game. Although no character creation has been shown, if there is one, I would very much like to show anyone I make. And if anyone from Namco or able to reach Namco can put in this word for me, I would like to make characters with Jin-style hair. You could do it in Soulcalibur III but not IV or V. The last installment was especially frustrating because you could even buy Jin-based clothes and had a Devil-Jin-based move set yet could not make Devil Jin.

Anyway, here is the story trailer:

That’s it. There are other games I’m watching from afar or that weren’t present, but these are the games I am more likely to play, possibly even within the next year.

Black Diagonal Stripes Collection


This collection provides the following:

Patterns Description: The patterns provided here are black diagonal stripes combined with other colors. These colors are based on the hexadecimal values that match HTML color names with the exception of Purplev2. There are 22 patterns total.

Tiles – This folder contains the tiles of the patterns by themselves.

Tiled Samples – This folder contains sample graphics that show the tiles in use for a banner sized 674 pixels wide and 274 pixels tall.

Displayed Together – This folder contains compilation files to help user compare what each of the tiled samples looks like in comparison to all the others. This sample display is provided in PNG, XCF, and PSD formats.

SVG base – This file is the vector used to make these tiles. This will allow user to expand to other color combinations and resize as needed.

Contents – This file is to describe the contents of this collection.

License – This file describes what is and is not allowed by the user.


With the download of this collection, the user receives permission to use these files in the following way:

1. You may use these files to create graphics or use on websites, including non-commercial and commercial purposes.

2. You may NOT re-package and sell the entire collection.

Download BlackDiagonalStripes

Patreon June 2018 Newsletter

I’ve written a summary of many things I worked on during May, here on this website and/or on Patreon. Please click on the link or read below.



Minecraft 002  – KH Snow White Platform

T7 Devil Jin Screenshot Selection 2018-05-03

Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix Episode 0007 (The 4th Day Part 1)

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4): Unknown Guide

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A Bid For Host is Not the Same as Allowing Free Speech

Creating a Table to Hold Dates for a Year in SQL Server and Maintaining That Table

Letter Coloring Book Process Notes

The Jin and Jun Story Chapter 1 (Patron-Only)

Digital Art:

Capital Letters A-Z Chivo Coloring Book


Faye Progression Log (Patron-Only)

We starting off June with some new digital art, Lydia (original character) sketch and lineart to serve as samples for a new illustration commissions page. The base pose is traced from stock provided by SenshiStock. It is the first in a Draw Everything June challenge. Will I do more in the challenge? I’ll be keeping an eye out on the stock and decide as the month goes on.

I am now open to Illustration Commissions on this website:

Services – Illustration and Color

More services are in the works as I draft up what I am willing to do for how much.

I am also working on a Jin model sheet for redoing The Jin Saga comic (or starting a new one like The Jin and Jun Story I started writing). I decided to closely examine some of my favorite fanartists’ work (4-gehiro (WARNING: Some drawings are NSWF!) and istdog). Even so,I may actually go back and redo this as I found another potential reference in Godeater: Resurrection to help with the angles or maybe I’ll load up Tekken 7 and use that. I’m aiming for a younger, smaller Jin at the moment. In any case, here is what I  have on the model sheet so far:

So, looks like May was really busy, and I have plenty to work on in June, provided time and motivation allow.

Creating a Table to Hold Dates for a Year in SQL Server and Maintaining That Table

The scenario:
We want a table that is a list of dates. We really only need the dates between today and one year from today at most, not much more and not much less.

So first, we are going take the current date (@CurrentDate), calculate up to the date we want (one year from today plus one more day so that our table will start at 5/16/2018 and end at 5/16/2019, naming it @YearLaterDate). Because of leap years, the difference might be 367 instead of 366, so we are going to make a variable (@DaysDiff) to help us know that. Once we have that difference, we can loop through up to that number and then insert into our example table.

Declare @CurrentDate date
Declare @YearLaterDate date
Declare @DaysDiff int
Declare @DayCounter int
Create Table tblDateExample (dtDate date)
Set @CurrentDate = getdate()
Set @YearLaterDate = DateAdd(year,1,@CurrentDate)
Set @YearLaterDate = DateAdd(day,1,@YearLaterDate)
Set @DaysDiff = DateDiff(day,@CurrentDate,@YearLaterDate)
Set @Daycounter = 0

while @DayCounter < @DaysDiff
	Insert into tblDateExample
	Set @DayCounter = @DayCounter + 1

Select *
From tblDateExample
Where 1 = 1

Hurray! We've made our table! But wait. Once tomorrow comes along, we will not need 5/16/2018 anymore and will want to add in 5/17/2018. Use whatever means you have for a scheduled task and run the following query once a day. We are going to use many similar variables because we have similar uses. We know we want the table for, from today, to a year from today plus one more day, so use those same ones again. Instead of the difference between those though, we are going to get the maximum date in our example table. Why? To handle for mishaps where we might need to add two days, or thirty days, instead of one. So, now we get the difference between our current maximum and our desired maximum, loop through that difference instead and add any days accordingly. We'll make a quick delete of anything before the day before the current date as well and anything after in case extra dates were added somehow.

Our maintaining query:

Declare @CurrentDate date
Declare @YearLaterDate date
Declare @DayCounter int
Declare @CurrentMax date
Declare @MaxDiff int	
Set @CurrentDate = getdate()
Set @YearLaterDate = DateAdd(year,1,@CurrentDate)
Set @YearLaterDate = DateAdd(day,1,@YearLaterDate)
Set @DayCounter = 0
Set @CurrentMax = (select max(dtDate) from tblDateExample)
Set @MaxDiff = DateDiff(day,@CurrentMax,@YearLaterDate)	
delete from tblDateExample where dtDate < @CurrentDate;
delete from tblDateExample where dtDate > @YearLaterDate;

while @DayCounter < @MaxDiff
	Update  tblDateExample
	Set dtDate = dtDate
	Where dtDate = DateAdd(day,@DayCounter,@CurrentMax)
	if @@rowcount = 0
	Insert into  tblDateExample
	Set @DayCounter = @DayCounter + 1

Now we have a table that keeps the dates for roughly up to a year from the current date to a year from that.

Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4): Unknown Guide

Hi everyone, Cathy here. This video is going to show you my battle with Unknown in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix. Now this video makes it look a lot easier than it was because there’s a certain move that Unknown has, that he was only able to do against me once, and I got really lucky, and I picked the right thing. But all the same, here we go. I will also provide some general tips that I read and will share with you too.

The main guide that I used was a video guide provided by Soraalam1called Boss Busters. It had a lot of helpful tips: equip counter, and also gravity supposedly helps and I also, after I watched that video, I decided to take a much more aggressive approach to this battle than I had before. And I took the time to summon Tinkerbell and cast Aeroga, some good defensive stuff. Like my other boss guides, I was pretty leveled up at this point because I did the synthesis and leveling, and I saved a lot of these super bosses for the end. So, we’re about to go, and let’s go check it out.

[Cut scene start]

[Unknown’s words are communicated on screen and not spoken aloud]

Sora: Who are you?
Unknown : Ah, it seems you are special, too.
Goofy: Ansem?
Unknown: That name rings familiar. You remind me of him.
Sora: What’s that supposed to mean?
Unknown: It means you are not whole. You are incomplete. Allow me- to test your strength.

[Cut scene end]

That cut scene had the Kingdom Key because I had to go and use the Theater to play it since I skipped it when I initially did this battle. Okay, first thing, summon Tinkerbell. Oh and if you heard that little noise right there, that was my daughter. She’s watching me as I make this video. Alright, so here comes Tinkerbell. She’s gonna help us out by healing Sora, and Ronnie’s gonna just be there making noise. Hopefully not too much noise.

Alright, so I cast Aeroga on myself, and now I’m just going to aggressively attack the boss, over and over and over again. He has very strong attacks. He’s just gonna go at me. He’s going to be really aggressive, so my team’s going to stay on top of him as much as we can. I’m just gonna try and cut through that, hack through that blue wall . Alright, that move that you would have just seen there, that’s his Catch move, that’s extremely dangerous move, I got very lucky because I picked the right one. And I also got lucky because that was the only time he cast it the entire fight, so I was very, very fortunate with that, that’s what makes this fight look easier than it was. Alright, there I tried to cast Gravity. I’ve lost my Aeroga but I’m going to still keep attacking very aggressively as much as I can since this boss is very fast and very strong.

So, here we go. We’re all attacking as much as we can, except for Tinkerbell, who’s on support, and she’s doing a great job. Sora has plenty of health. Alright. And we’re just gonna keep attacking. We are getting this done pretty fast, considering how much health this boss has.

Alright, so there’s a very strong attack that I’m trying to run from, I Dodge Roll, I tried to fly and Glide, still got hit. I’ve lost a lot of health, so I’m going to heal. I went ahead and healed myself even though I’ve got Tinkerbell helping me out here. And I know that a couple of times, alright, sorry, someone got very inquisitive there.

Okay, we’re almost done. We are almost done. We gonna just keep attacking, low health, low-ish health, gonna heal, attack. Alright, oh yeah, here we go, here’s my attempt at Gravity that did not go well, but we’re still going to do pretty well. We’ve almost got this boss. That’s probably why I’m trying. I’m like, “Can I do it?” and no, I can’t. I mean, so, in fact, looking back, that’s probably not a good idea to do that to a boss when the boss is almost defeated because of how the Gravity spell works. Alright, Donald healed me right there at the end, and we managed to get our last hits in, so go team, woo-hoo!

[Cut scene start]

Unknown: Impressive. This will be enjoyable.
Sora: What are you talking about?
Unknown: It is beyond your comprehension, for now. Until we meet again.
Sora: Wait, what’re you-?
Unknown: I am- but a mere shell.

[Cut scene end]

Obtained Experience Necklace, Ansem’s Report 13. So, that’s a wrap. The End.