Services – Fast Track

Here is how it works:

I always have several ideas in mind or in the works. I lay out some of these, and you can put in $5 to fast track that idea to fruition. With the fast-track, you will see that idea take form within three weeks, probably sooner but no later than that.

To fast-track an idea, you simply email me at
-Idea you want to see fast-tracked
-Specific things you are hoping to see or learn with that idea presented

If I accept, I will direct you to where to send payment on PayPal. If the fast-track isn’t done within the three weeks, I will refund your money.

Without the fast track, these ideas may take months or years to be seen in a post on the website or be left unfinished forever.

Here is what is currently available for fast-track posts as of 6/3/2018:

Let’s Play Kingdom Hearts II Next Episode (Current progress can be seen here:

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