Highlights of Qudans Winning Tekken World Tour 2017


Hi everyone, I’m Cathy. This past Sunday, Qudans, the best Devil Jin player in the world, also proved himself to be the best player in the Tekken World Tour where he faced off against both JDCR and SAINT, players for the team EchoFox. They are very, very good players, so that was no small feat I can assure you.

Qudans is one of the best from the Tekken 5 era. At some point, he injured his wrists, and he also went into the military service. In fact, I was reading some tweets and one person on Twitter said that, that was how he injured his wrists. And here all these years I thought it was because of-while he was playing Tekken. Admittedly, I don’t know. I never asked him myself. But, he didn’t play at the level that he’s at now for quite some time, so seeing him back was really cool. Devil Jin is my favorite character ever, and he is also a very difficult character to play as, so watching someone at the highest level conceivable to me play and win is really special to watch. I was very happy to see that win.

He made good use of hellsweeps, electrics, and demon steel pedal, and especially the Rage Art. So, I’m going to go ahead and share a few of my favorite highlights with you from watching the final matches of the tournament.

In the first round of the first match against JDCR, for the top 8, Qudans made use of Devil Jin’s Rage Art, at the exact right moment to win that particular round. Let’s take a look.

[Highlight start]

Aris: …huge here, he’s got the Rage Drive, yeah, he’s going to use it, big damage, not quite – oh, he might die.

Mark: Is that going to hit?

Aris: He might die. Ohhh!

Mark: Oh my Gosh.

Aris: It didn’t even touch him. He went over it. Wow. Unbelievable, okay…

[Highlight end]

In fact, this same thing happened with the last round of the match too, followed by an exciting hug over to Knee, so let’s watch that.

[Highlight start]

Aris: This is an outrage! Ohhh!

Mark: Oh and the rage art! Is that going to do it?

Aris: Ohhh!

Mark: Oh, he’s killed him.

Aris: What the, I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!
Mark: Oh my gosh, and he hugs Knee right afterwards.

Aris: I cannot believe my eyes!

Mark: I feel like this was your reaction the last time…

[Highlight end]

Afterwards, he moved onto SAINT and lost that set, but I do have a few highlights I want to share for you.

Funnily enough, in the first round of the first match, he again won with a Rage Art. Here it is.

[Highlight start]

Aris: Is it going to pay off?

Mark: Oh, the trade.

Aris: The trade. He got the combo, nice work.

Mark: This guy likes the Rage Art.

Aris: So aware. Yeah, it gives him a moment to think about what he’s done. Nice work. Man, he does…

[Highlight end]

There was also an excellent comeback in round two of the second match.

[Highlight start]

Mark: Wow, look at all this damage here, and-uh oh, fighting back.

Aris: He’s going to need a miracle comeback though. The wall is in his favor.

Mark: Went for the mid again.

Aris: Oh my god, is that a teabag?

Mark: No, he’s buffering a low block for a potential mix-up here. Oh, he did not want to get hit by that. That is going to be big damage.

Aris: Oh my God…

Mark: Oh no, he missed the wall, but he still got it.

Aris: Oh! He got him.

Mark: What a comeback from Qudans…

[Highlight end]

After the overall loss, Qudans had to play against JDCR again, and he beat Dragunov a couple of times. And then at the third match, JDCR picked Heihachi after being cheered on by the crowd to do so and so then JDCR and Qudans played in the Forgotten Realm stage. The first round finished with a strong combo from Qudans with a Rage Drive to Heaven’s Door, that almost finished it, so a while rising 2 near the wall did the rest. It was really cool to watch. So, let’s take another look.

[Highligh start]

Mark: He could go downstairs. That should be it.

Aris: Yeah, he’s going to kill. Nice…

[Highlight end]

Heaven’s Door is my favorite move so watching the top player in the world do it is a lot of fun all the time. I mean, I love watching anyone do it so to see it at that level is really amazing.

And finally, he had a rematch with SAINT to finish it all up. There was another excellent comeback in the first found of the reset.

[Highlight start]

Mark: …could be the move that changes it as well.

Aris: Mm-hmm.

Mark: The down, forward 2.

Aris: That direction, the tracking on that side, it could be a big factor. Hellsweep.

Mark: And that is always a common factor here with the Mishimas, especially with Devil Jin.

Aris: He’s going to need such a miracle. He’s going to need such a miracle.

Mark: Oh my God, he got him.

Aris: Not much more of a miracle left.

Mark: Oh, no, and I don’t think he hit a button at all.

Aris: Ohhh! He got him. I can’t believe it. What? I mean, he-

Mark: Qudans…

[Highlight end]

And here’s a part where he finishes with a Heaven’s Door in the fourth round on the second match of the reset.

[Highligh start]

Mark: Oh my gosh, he’s going to get it. He’s going to get it. Oh my gosh…

[Highlight end]

And then, let’s take a look at the final moments into the win and led to another exciting Qudans standing up and hugging Knee.

[Highlight start]

Aris: Oh!

Mark: Oh! He got it

Aris: He got it! Qudans is your global champion.

Mark: And they torso touched…

[Highlight end]

So, yay! Pretty cool. And then before I go, I want to share some analysis with you from my friend Newton on Twitter.

Watching the Qudans matches from the Tekken World Tour finals and seeing how many Rage Arts he landed just goes and proves my point about how strong Devil Jin’s Rage Art is. Other Rage Arts have to actively absorb something or land as a whiff punish, but Devil Jin’s simply crushes, so he has a less chance of dying mid Rage Art.

Not just that, it is also a super evasive Rage Art, which means armor frames aside, he can use it to straight up crush some stuff, which comes in really handy in pinch situations like that jack df+1212 string Qudans crushed.

Devil Jin’s Rage Art also has the distinction of actually hitting Xiaoyu in AOP~d and completely ignoring Dragunov’s df+4 pushback which makes a lot of Rage Arts whiff. In my opinion, the best i20 RA in the game.

So, that’s from Newton. That’s interesting to me because I don’t play competitively, but I used Devil Jin’s Rage Art all the time when I was playing Treasure Battle. It was fun, yeah, go, do your thing.

Anyway, the win was really special. Qudans had not been to the U.S. in ten years for competitive Tekken play. So, way to go, congratulations Qudans. Thank you for giving me the chance to watch someone with my favorite character at such a high level. I really do appreciate it. So, that’s a wrap for this video. Thanks for watching and/or listening and/or reading. Bye.

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