Black Diagonal Stripes Collection


This collection provides the following:

Patterns Description: The patterns provided here are black diagonal stripes combined with other colors. These colors are based on the hexadecimal values that match HTML color names with the exception of Purplev2. There are 22 patterns total.

Tiles – This folder contains the tiles of the patterns by themselves.

Tiled Samples – This folder contains sample graphics that show the tiles in use for a banner sized 674 pixels wide and 274 pixels tall.

Displayed Together – This folder contains compilation files to help user compare what each of the tiled samples looks like in comparison to all the others. This sample display is provided in PNG, XCF, and PSD formats.

SVG base – This file is the vector used to make these tiles. This will allow user to expand to other color combinations and resize as needed.

Contents – This file is to describe the contents of this collection.

License – This file describes what is and is not allowed by the user.


With the download of this collection, the user receives permission to use these files in the following way:

1. You may use these files to create graphics or use on websites, including non-commercial and commercial purposes.

2. You may NOT re-package and sell the entire collection.

Download BlackDiagonalStripes