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Tekken 7 Anna costume commentary:

Flash Fiction: We Wanted to be Robots

Webcomic (digital art and writing)

EXCLUSIVE: Page 2 Final Draft and Progression Log (Patron Only)

Chapter 1: Your Father (Page 2)

Animated GIFs

Iori playing guitar in the last episode of KOF Destiny. I am eager for the next season to hopefully see a lot more of my favorite KOF character!

Tumblr post:

I made a batch of GIFs from a Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix cut scene shortly before the 1000 Heartless Challenge since the scene featured a lot of Final Fantasy characters.

Tumblr post:

Twitter thread (includes bonuses):


Tekken 7 at Evo 2018

In this Moment, over the course of Evo, I went over who played against who and won during the stream, when my time allowed, some commentary in between, and bracket updates for the Finals.

My favorite player, being that he is the best Devil Jin player in the world, placed 2nd, so congrats to Qudans.


I have returned to gaming! You might be wondering what I mean since I clearly have been playing Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix with my strategy guide videos and GIFs this month so what I really mean by that is I’ve been playing LittleBIGPlanet and foregoing certain other things at more times of the week than a Saturday or Sunday morning as I have with KH2FM. This could mean less from my creative endeavors, then again, maybe not because I see I still made time do some stuff over the month.

In between all that, my kid started kindergarten, which puts me in a position of maybe more time, maybe not. It’s hard to explain.

I’ve put off a certain thing in the works and realized said thing could take months or years if it ever comes to fruition at all. In any case, I set up a schedule for myself on my webcomic to try and release a final draft on the 7th of every month and am on schedule for that so expect page 3 within the week. So, for September, the main plan is that webcomic page. We’ll see how much more LBP playtime disrupts the other stuff.